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It was not atypical for Man or Astro-Man? to arrive at a club, set up for 5 hours, play a show as hard as you possibly could, break down for 3 hours and talk to everyone until the last kid left, drive to the next city overnight, wake up at 10:00 AM and do some fanzine interview, play on the local college radio station shortly after lunch, then do an in-store thing at 4, go to the club and set up, then (if the club was over 21) do a short 20 minute full stage show for underage kids when the clubs would be closed during our soundcheck, and then finally play our full show again and repeat the process the next day. It was fucking crazy. I’m completely 100% not joking or exaggerating about that being a standard process of what we did. Ask the other guys. We thought that was what every band did. I guess to answer your question though, for a long time we just felt lucky to get to play in front of people, and we didn’t know that doing it thousands of times would make you go insane—at least I didn’t.

Birdstuff explains why Man…or Astro-Man? were so freakishly great on stage. If they’d appeared on the scene 20 years earlier, they’d have been on TV every weekend. (via grantimatter)

Totally. I saw them maybe half a dozen times and was blown away that a) they always went WAY beyond the “gimmick”; b) they did it with such insanely high energy and enthusiasm. Total talent + pure showmanship.

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I only ever saw them one time, but it was FANTASTIC. I believe it was in the Heaven floor in Masquerade here in Atlanta. It was during the time that I was going to so many shows (pre-kids, when I was running Breastfed Records), that I would regularly get there early and find a corner to doze in while standing up between bands, and Masquerade was perfect for that.  They were set up behind some PVC structure with a clear plastic front to it and their tore the MF-ing roof off the place. Also, there may have been some Little Debbie snack cakes thrown back and forth between the band and the audience at some point. Pure brilliance. 

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