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Oh look, a waste of time.

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Should I get Fault in Our Stars tomorrow, too, or..?!?




I’m already getting Land of Stories but I’m going to blow through that SO QUICKLY that it won’t be funny, omfg.

Have any of you read it?!? If so, is it worth the buy, or should I just get it from the library?!?

I’d just get it from the library. Then if you really like it and want to underline it, you can buy it.


God bless the Internet.  

TFiOS is worth a buy, but I love John’s advice to check it out first, then buy it if you want to underline. Usually I check things out first, and buy it if I want to have copies to give away to people.  Hell, I loaned my copy to a friend who is a school librarian (this is her first year working in a high-school instead of an elementary school) so she would read it, love it, and encourage the kids in her school to read it as well.

There’s a long game factor at work as well:  If you check it out from the library it’s more likely to stay in the library’s catalog for longer, meaning more people will have an opportunity to check it out and fall in love with the author.  That means that even if you don’t buy a copy for yourself, simply by checking it out from the library (and maybe talking about it to friends) you can increase the chances of the author continuing to be able to make a living telling stories (and I can’t tell you how much I look forward to John telling stories for my entire life, one of the benefits of being an “older than the author” fan).

(eek, those are some ugly parenthetical laden sentences up there)

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    Sometimes I remember that John Green reblogged my post a couple summers ago and then I smile a lot
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    “get it from the library.” I wish I could. -_- My library doesn’t have it, or anything by John Green, for some reason.
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    I think it’s pretty cool that an author isn’t encouraging someone to buy it, but to read it for free first. You don’t...
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