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Oh look, a waste of time.

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My awesome friend Alice gave me a ticket to see this upcoming show featuring John Roderick, John Hodgman, Jonathan Coulton, Merlin Mann, and Scott Simpson.

I drew John Hodgman in Edward Gorey style some days ago, because he’d responded to someone’s tweet with a desire to be drawn as such. Since Gorey is no longer, I gave it a shot.

I sort of suddenly wanted to draw everyone in the upcoming show in the same style for kicks, and to challenge myself a little. You can see a couple of teeny in-progress teaser bits, then the full art.

I really want the chance to buy a DVD of this show, with all the “fan art” as DVD extras. 

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    My favorite things about this: -Roderick’s Pants -Coulton’s Expression -Merlin’s Index Cards
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